Half Lamb Box

Half Lamb Box


Place order by Tuesday for following Friday delivery (all our lamb is hung for a week)


The meat is hung for a week to improve flavour and tenderness.

Postage and packaging included

Each box includes the standard cuts however it can be butchered to your requirements.

Standard Cuts include:

  • 1 x Whole Leg (bone in, can be in half joints) -A favourite for roasting
  • 1 x Whole Shoulder (bone in, can be in half joints) - Slow roasting on the bone
  • Liver - Great pan fried
  • 1x Kidney - Pan fry
  • Rack of Lamb or Lamb cutlets - (Rack - Great for Roasting/ or Cutlets - Cook over the grill or on the BBQ)
  • Loin Chops - Grilling or Barbecuing
  • 2 x chump chops - Grilling or Barbecuing or pan fry them
  • 1 x Chump Ends - Ideal for stewing or casseroles
  • 1 x Neck Fillet - Cook slowly on low heat, and great for stews, curry or kebabs)
  • Stewing lamb - Perfect for stews or braising
  • 1 x Breast of Lamb (or can be cut into breast rings ) - Breast of lamb - why not try filling with stuffing and rolling it up and roasting whole/ or Breast ring - perfect for grilling 

Variations of your choice can be for example:

Leg joints made to leg can be whole or half joints, shanks or leg steaks

Shoulders can be whole or half joints

Loin chops or saddle chops

Either leave special requirements in comment box or ring to confirm exactly how you would like everything cut.

You will be phoned to confirm exactly how you would like your cuts.

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