About Us

Highbury Farm is a first generation family farm of 144 acres plus additional grazing run by Peter and Yvonne Gear. Peter and Yvonne have been at Highbury Farm for 30 years. They also have two sons and a daughter. The farm is at the moment running a flock of over 450 ewes, of where are Poll-dorset and Easycare. The rams put to the ewes are Polldorset, Charolais, Beltex and Easycare. All the lambs are either grass fed on permanent pasture with clover mixtures or creep fed. The Polldorset females are kept as their fleeces are used for knitting wool also the Easycare female lambs are being brought into the flock, and the remaining lambs are sold via farmers markets or from the farm.

Our Natural Wool products are all hand knitted and designed on the farm by our Daughter Kelly. 

(Photos of our sheep, Peter and not forgetting our four legged gang Cass,May and little Mist.

Highbury Farm Woolley Knitters & Lamb Sausage Production

The project has helped us to expand our existing business, with being able to take the wool further; here being able to produce woollen garments and allow their daughter Kelly to come and join the family business. The sausage production is allowing us to expand our existing meat market.