Farmers Markets

Here are the farmers markets that you can find us at: 

If you have anything in particular that you wanted you can ring us and order so we can keep it aside for you to be collected at the market! (01438869666) or inbox us!


Little Hadham           27/10/2018

Hexton                     19/10/2018   (Every Third Friday of the month)

Hertford                    10/11/2018  (Every second saturday of the month)

Stevenage                finished but will deliver in this area  

Van Hages                01/11/2018               (Every first Thursday of the month) 


Great Garnets           10/11/2018    (Every second saturday of the month)

Ugley                         20/10/.2018     (Every Third Saturday of the month)

Matching The           20/10/2018     (Every Third Saturday of the month)


Orwell                     03/11/2018    (First saturday of the month)

Fowlmere               10/11/2018       (Every second Saturday of the month)

Great Shelford        27/10/2018        (Every fourth Saturday of the month) 


Brent Pelham christmas Fair    with our sheepskins and knitting products

08/12/2018 Clavering Christmas market

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