Whole mutton box

Whole mutton box


Place order by Tuesday for delivery for the 2nd following friday (two weeks time) (all our mutton is hung for two weeks)


The meat is hung for two weeks to improve flavour and tenderness.

Perfect for slow cooking

Postage and packaging included

Each box includes the standard cuts however it can be butchered to your requirements.

Cut examples:

- 2 x Whole legs (can be halved) or option of shanks and top half leg joint -  Great for a slow roasting joint 

- 2 x Whole shoulders (can be halved)  - great for a slow roasting joint 

- 2 x Neck fillet - cook slowly on low heat and great for stews, kebabs and curries 

- Neck stewing - perfect for slow cooking stews or braising

- 2x Chump ends and 2 x chump chops/ or 2x boneless chump - Chump ends ideal for casseroles, chop chumps great for grilling 

- 2x loins/ or 12 loin chops - loin chops great for grilling or pan frying/ loin perfect for a slow roast

- liver - Great pan fried 

- 2 x kidneys - Great pan fried

- 2 x racks or cutlets or 2 x loin - Rack great for roasting/ cutlets great for pan frying or grilling 

- 2 x Breast (boned and rolled)  - why not try filling it with your favourite stuffing and rolling it up and roasting it whole 

Please note your required cuts in the box below 

Cuts you require