Highbury Farm Lamb Selection Box

A great gift idea - Something different!

Comes in box and includes:

Rack of 4, 2 Chump Chops, 4 Loin Chops, Half Knuckle Shoulder Joint, Half Top Leg Joint
 Prices will vary depending on weight 

All individually wrapped and on trays 

To place orders please email or phone and we can arrange delivery or collection. 

Can be delivered if you are in a 20 mile radius; there may be a delivery charge if you over this. 




Whole or Half Lamb for Freezer 


£6.00 per Kilo 
Cut as required  (Picture above shows example of half a lamb) 

Individual Joints available; can be purchased from the Farm, or ordered and collected from our local Farmers Markets.

Also available Mutton in individual joints or as whole or half 

Chickens available for Christmas orders now being taken

 Any orders over £30 can be delivered free of charge within a 20 mile radius. Contact